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Kelly S

I have fibromyalgia, and my muscles always hurt - always.  Sometimes they are better, sometimes worse, but they always hurt.  I realized the other day that after using my new Therasauna for a few weeks, my muscles feel SO much better!  The pain in my neck, arm, and back muscles has lessened greatly, and my leg muscles actually do not hurt at all!  I cannot remember the last time I wasn’t in pain.  I am taking it slowly, and using lower temperatures right now - 100˚ - 105˚, and my 10 - 20 minute sessions are so relaxing.  I have also had sleep issues for over ten years, and I am finally starting to sleep up to three or four hours at a time.  I am looking forward to being able to gradually increase the temperature and length of my sessions, so that I might reap even more benefits.

I have wanted a sauna for many years, and have done extensive research.  When I finally found the Therasauna two years ago, I continued researching while I saved up, but always kept coming back.  I am so thankful I waited to buy just the right one!  Thank you so much for an amazing product, and stellar customer service.


Email : kellys@12345.com