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TheraSauna Features


Made In The U.S.A

TheraSauna Made In The USAMade In The USA









Leading Innovator In Far Infrared Therapy

TheraSauna® was pioneered by QCA Spas, which has been recognized as one of the oldest spa companies in America. QCA Spas has been an innovator of patented spa therapy to relieve pain and stiffness and promote healthier lifestyles. Those same philosophies are incorporated into our TheraSauna® Infrared Health Saunas. In 1995, TheraSauna® received its first patent for the Stable Heat™ System. Today, TheraSauna® holds several patents and patents-pending on our MPS Infrared Control System™. TheraSauna® has been tested and approved by ETL in the US and Canada (Look for us under our company name, Quad Cities Automatic Pools, Inc.). TheraSauna® has applied for registration with the Food and Drug Administration under Infrared Health devices.

 Quality is important to us, which is why our saunas are handcrafted in the USA. We are one of the only infrared sauna manufacturers in the United States that do not import our saunas from international suppliers. Our manufacturing plant is located in Dewitt, Iowa.

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  1. Highest Quality Infrared Components
    Our patented StableHeat™ control system provides the most consistent range of far infrared heat. The patented TheraMitter™ heating units are made of 100% high glass content ceramic. Both the StableHeat™ system and TheraMitters™ are patented worldwide.

  2. Health Benefits
    Why settle for anything less than the highest standard for producing far infrared heat in the most beneficial micron range? The SpectraWave™ function allows the TheraSauna® to cycle through a specific far infrared spectrum. The patented control system in Therasauna® consistently reaches the 9.4 micron output level - the most beneficial range for absorption in the human body.

  3. Comfort and Design
    TheraSauna® is handcrafted from the highest grade aspen hardwood, which is 99% non-toxic and non-allergenic. The design combines beauty and functionality with the look of fine furniture.

  4. Safety
    TheraSauna® carries worldwide approvals including ETL and CE, which are major safety testing agencies.

  5. Control
    The Therasauna® MPS Touchview™ 3.0 control is the most advanced infrared sauna operating system available in the industry. This control system allows for greater flexibility in programming zones and customization for 2 users. The MPS touchview control can adjust the infrared micron range and output for each TheraMitter™ zone. Each person in the sauna can set their controls to the power level they most prefer. Zone control allows you to program your personal comfort level settings ranging from 1-15 for each zone.

  6. Efficiency
    Other saunas turn off after reaching their set convection air temperature, losing air temperature and ceasing production of far infrared. The Therasauna`s® computer system has 8 different pre-selected power settings. Every two minutes, the computer scrolls through the spectrum and delivers near, middle and far infrared waves for maximum benefits.

  7. Advanced Programming
    The MPS Touchview™ 3.0 control system offers advanced 7-day programmable controls, allowing you to pre-program the desired time your sauna will turn on to preheat. For your convenience, Auto Run 1 and Auto Run 2 allow for two completely different schedule programs to be utilized.

  8. Ease of Installation
    You can put your Therasauna together yourself.You don`t need any special installation - just a 110 volt outlet!

  9. Low Operating Costs
    Using your Therasauna only costs pennies in operating costs. It is ready to go in 5 minutes and is much more efficient than a traditional steam sauna, and heats faster than the carbon fiber infrared heaters. The far infrared heat penetrates deep into the body up to 2 inches - unlike traditional saunas where the air only heats the surface of your skin.

  10. Free Shipping
    Order your Therasauna from Spa Sauna Direct and have it delivered to your door for FREE anywhere in the continental U.S.

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Harness the power of the sun. Far infrared is part of the sun’s invisible light spectrum that is essential to plants, animals and humans. Infrared heat is a form of energy that penetrates the body by warming muscles and tissue directly without heating the intervening air. The body produces infrared energy to keep us warm and repair body tissue. Far infrared energy is radiated through the skin at 3 to 50 microns with the most beneficial output at 9.4 microns. Occasionally, the infrared energy in our body tissue needs a boost to insure healing and tissue repair. The body will selectively absorb infrared to boost the tissue’s infrared energy. This process is called resonant absorption. Far infrared rays are completely safe and are even used in hospitals to warm newborn babies.

Doctors in Europe and Japan have conducted extensive research on the therapeutic uses of infrared. Far infrared treatments have shown Medical Benefits in a variety of illnesses. Far infrared waves speed removal of toxins from the body, which are often a major contributor to various health problems.

Numerous toxins are absorbed and stored in our bodies. Toxic gases like sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and substances like lead, mercury, and chlorine are encapsulated by large water molecules. When toxins are present in the body, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy is impaired. The body’s immune system is inhibited, which makes it difficult for the body to fight disease.

However, when sufficient levels of far infrared are applied, the large water molecules vibrate and breakdown the ion bond to release the encapsulated gases and toxic materials. Far infrared heat has been used in the treatment of clogged capillary vessels; this heat expands the capillaries and skin pores to expel toxins from the body.


    • Increased flow of rich oxygenated blood to muscles and joints since far infrared dilates blood vessels and capillaries
    • Improvement of the lymphatic system reduces inflammation and swelling in the body
    • Weight loss and regulation with calorie burning
    • Improved skin tone and the reduction in the appearance of cellulite
    • Enzyme and cellular activity is stimulated
    • Rheumatism, arthritis and bursitis relief 
    • Strengthening of the cardiovascular system
    • Improved immune system
    • Relief from sore and injured muscles and reduction of muscle spasms
    • Better adhesion and osmosis of water molecules across the cellular membrane

Far infrared is so safe the FDA approved the use of far infrared lamps to warm newborn babies. The human body absorbs infrared in the 3-50 micron range. The far infrared waves between 6 to 14 microns have proven to have special regenerative effects on the body.

TheraSauna emits the greatest amount of infrared in the 9.4 micron range, which is the human body's optimum absorption frequency. When cells and tissue in the body are exposed to this range of far infrared heat, response mechanisms are triggered which stimulate the healing process. Benefit from the healing powers of far infrared heat in your own home by purchasing a Therasauna today.

Therasauna is the ultimate health and relaxation solution for life.

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mps touchview 3.0


Programmable MPS Touchview™ 3.0 Features:

7 Day Control

The programmable control allows you to set the desired time your sauna will turn on Monday through Sunday. You can set the timer to pre-heat the sauna for you so that it is ready when you get home from work or when you wake up in the morning. Getting into a cold sauna and waiting for it to warm-up is a thing of the past. Just press, set and forget... the TheraSauna® will remember the rest. The onboard computer memory will hold the settings in memory even if the sauna experiences a power failure.


Micron Power Select

Micron Power Select™ allows you to vary the infrared output from each TheraMitter™ zone and control the infrared micron range during your sauna session. TheraMitters™ can be exclusively customized to a surface temperature between approximately 450°F down to an amazing 126°F. This is a extremely useful feature for multiple sauna users. For example, the person on the right can set their back TheraMitters™ on full power and their feet to half power while the person on the left can set their back TheraMitter™ to 80% power and their feet to 60% power. This highly innovative feature allows you to program your sauna to your personal comfort level. The MPS settings can be adjusted from 100% to 7% for each zone. On the MPS Touchview™ 3.0 Control screen in "MPS SETUP," you can choose the level for each TheraMitter™.


Therasauna Spectra Wave

The SpectraWave™ function allows the sauna to move through a specific infrared spectrum. The sauna’s onboard computer system has 8 different pre-selected power settings and it will scroll through a new setting every 2 minutes. This feature allows TheraSana® to produce near, middle, and far infrared energy when this feature is utilized.


Therasauna® Stable Heat™

Do you know what Therasauna® Stable Heatis?

The best example of how TheraSauna's® Stable Heat System works in relation to our competitors is to imagine a light switch. If the light switch is flipped on, the light in the room will turn on. The moment the switch is turned off, the light goes out and the room is dark. Infrared is a form of light, just like the visible light in the example, but on a different spectrum that is invisible to the naked eye. TheraSauna's® Stable Heat System remains on during the entire sauna session, meaning infrared is produced the entire sauna session, just like turning on the light with the light switch and leaving it on the whole time you are in the room. In a competitor's sauna, the infrared will be produced until the set temperature is reached. The moment the set temperature is reached, infrared immediately stops being produced, just like shutting off the light with the light switch. No more infrared is being produced, just like flipping the light switch to off turns off the light. So, it's much like sitting in a room with the lights on for 40 minutes, but you have to sit in the dark for half of the time. Our Stable Heat System prevents this from happening in TheraSauna®, giving the user a clear advantage in the amount of exposure to far infrared.

TheraSaunas® far-infrared is produced during the entire sauna session.  When the sauna reaches temperature, the patented MPS Touchview™ 3.0 Control Screen idles the TheraMitters™ down to surface temperature of under 230°F. The TheraMitters™ return will to 400°F and above when necessary, keeping a steady temperature and micron range. The far-infrared produced is still consistently reaching the optimal 9.4 micron range for human absorption due to the unique physical design of solid ceramic, penetrating up to 2” below the skin. This creates an environment where the user receives more infrared in 20 minutes than they would during a 40 minute session in other brand saunas, including zero cold spots in the TheraSauna® and without plastics and carbon fibers venting into the sauna cabinet.  In comparison, carbon saunas only reach the one surface temperature of 230°F and turn off after reaching their set convection air temperature, losing air temperature and creating an ineffective range of infrared. The TheraSauna® StableHeat™ System does not turn off, but powers down and sends a trickle charge of electricty to maintain the surface temperature of the TheraMitters™, thus consistently reaching the 9.4 micron range of far infrared.

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small image of a TheraSauna TheraMitter

Concave Ceramic TheraMitter™
Ceramic is made from natural earth elements. TheraMitter™ heaters have the highest glass content in the industry which provides uninhibited transmission and output of far infrared. Concave Ceramic TheraMitter™ heaters are able to spread infrared heat waves in a 180º pattern, effectively covering every square inch inside the sauna. Due to the quality of the reflector, all energy is given direction toward the user to improve the delivery of far infrared. The absorbed heat characteristics of a ceramic TheraMitter™ produce an energy of feeling that creates well being and health due to the range of temperatures across the ribbed ceramic face. The EMF (Electromagnetic Field) is extremely low in the Ceramic TheraMitter™ due to the fact that the wire changes direction several times over the face of the heater, thus reducing the output of EMF. The watt density of the TheraMitter™ is ideal; providing the user with the highest output of far infrared at the most beneficial micron range for the human body.

Radiant Efficiency of Ceramic TheraMitter™: 96 %
Infrared Micron Range: 6.0 – 14.0

small image of a incoloy rod heater

Incoloy Rod Heaters
Cylinder-type steel heaters are used by a number of different sauna companies. Tubular elements consist of a helical resistant wire inside a metal tube filled with magnesium oxide as an insulator and heat conductor. They have a radiant efficiency of 50% and emit an infrared wavelength range of 3.0 to 6.0 microns. Incoloy rod heaters have a short life span due to the compaction of the magnesium oxide which tends to short out the helical wire. They also have an extremely high watt density which produces a very high surface temperature of the rod, which in turn produces a lower ineffective range of infrared. The EMF of incoloy rod heaters is extremely high due to a non-cancelling wire and non-insulating metal surface.

Radiant Efficiency: 50%
Infrared Micron Range: 3.0 – 6.0

small image of a TheraSauna TheraMitter

Tubular Ceramic Heaters
Tubular ceramic heaters consist of a helical resistant wire housed in vitreous silica sand enclosed in a metal tube to give an impression of ceramic. They have a radiant efficiency of 50% and emit an infrared wavelength range of 2.5 to 6.0 microns. Tubular ceramic heaters have a short life span due to the compaction of the silica sand which tends to short out the helical wire. They also have an extremely high watt density which produces a very high surface temperature of the rod, which in turn produces a lower ineffective range of infrared. The EMF of tubular ceramic heaters is extremely high due to a non-cancelling wire and non-insulating metal surface.

Radiant Efficiency: 50%
Infrared Micron Range: 2.5 – 6.0

small image of a TheraSauna TheraMitter

Carbon Fiber Heaters
These heaters sandwich a carbon fiber screen between two fiberglass epoxy resin casings. They operate at a very low surface temperature of 130º F and have a very low radiant efficiency. This type of heating element is used in automotive seat heaters. Carbon heaters tend to absorb odor, then re-emit the offensive odor back into the sauna. The carbon material has a very low watt density which makes it very difficult to completely heat the sauna to an adequate temperature. It also has an extremely high EMF which produces an unsafe environment. In addition, since the carbon fibers are encased in fiberglass, resins, and epoxy adhesives, it vents the gases of these components back into the air when the sauna is heated.

Radiant Efficiency: 55% – varies
Infrared Micron Range: 4.0 – 12.0

small image of a TheraSauna TheraMitter

Aluminum Heaters
These heaters are typically made by encasing incoloy heater rods inside aluminum sheets, which are then sprayed with a thin ceramic coating. This allows companies to make their heaters larger and give the impression they are ceramic. Aluminum heaters have a higher watt density which produces an ineffective micron range of infrared. Heat is produced from the back of the heater as well as the front which results in 50% of its heat energy wasted. These heaters also have a very high EMF which produces an unsafe environment.

Radiant Efficiency: 56%
Infrared Micron Range: 4.0 – 6.0


Does size of the infrared heater matter?

Our research has shown that physical size does not matter as much as the watt density of the heaters. The ideal infrared wavelength provided by the heaters within a far infrared sauna is more important than heater size. Some companies claim that large heaters are the best. The problem is that these large heaters have a very low watt density that produces an ineffective range of infrared and cannot heat the air inside the sauna effectively.

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.Image of a woman enjoying her TheraSauna

TheraSauna® is made with non-toxic and non-allergenic Aspen Hardwood

Infrared energy heats objects (like your body and the inside wood of the sauna) directly and penetrates up to 2 inches below the surface. Cedar and redwood contain a natural insecticide within the wood called terpenes. When these naturally occurring oils within the wood are heated, they off-gas a substance called cedrine. Cedrine attacks the central nervous system of insects and kills them. It can also cause vomiting and convulsions in humans. TheraSauna® is made of Aspen, which is a clear wood grown at elevations where the trees do not produce an insecticide. Aspen is 99% non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Health concerns related to different types of woods used for saunas

    • Aspen – No health effects.
    • Cedar – Asthma, allergic contact dermatitis sensitizer, decrease in lung function, eye irritation, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, convulsions, vomiting and effects on the central nervous system.
    • Hemlock – Skin irritation, decreased lung function, rhinitis.
    • Basswood – Skin irritation.
    • Birch – Irritant dermatitis.
    • Spruce – Skin irritation, wood pulp workers disease.
    • Oak – Nasal Cancer.
    • Pine – Skin Irritation.
    • Poplar – Contact dermatitis, rhinitis.

Wood Type



Health Effects


(common, black, red)

Europe, North America (red)

Western Asia

Toys, general turnery, broom and brush backs

Dermatitis associated with black alder, no reports with red

alder, decrease in lung function (red alder)


North America

Furniture, strandboard, pulp and paper

No health effects reported



Furniture, bobbins, brush backs, handles, domestic woodware, flooring, plywood manufacture, instruments

Dermatitis (wood cutters’ disease) due to lichens growing on the bark of beech trees, rhinitis, asthma, nasal cancer

Birch (paper, white)

US and Canada (paper birch)

Europe (white birch)

Furniture, decorative objects, pulp and paper

Irritant dermatitis

Cedar, Western Red

West Coast of North America

Building construction material, boats, planking, framing

Asthma, allergic contact dermatitis, sensitizer, decrease in lung function, eye irritation and conjunctivitis, rhinitis

Douglas Fir

West coast of North America,


Interior and exterior construction, flooring, boats, veneer, furniture

Contact eczema, decrease in lung capacity


(grand, balsam, silver, alpine)

US and Canada

Europe (silver fir)

Interior construction, joiner, plywood

Skin irritation, dermatitis, rhinitis, asthma, possible

decrease in lung function


North America

Furniture, cabinetry

Skin irritation, decreased lung function


Europe, North America

Construction, frame work, boats, flooring

Allergic dermatitis from European larch, no reports with western larch



Furniture, cabinetry, boats, mouldings, etc.- all purpose wood, used where good quality wood is required

Dermatitis, sensitizer


Europe, North America

Furniture, interior construction, cabinets

Rhinitis, asthma, Maple Bark Strippers’ Disease (mould

spores in bark)


Europe, North America

Furniture, decorative veneer

Nasal cancer


(white, lodgepole, jack)

Europe, North America

Interior and exterior construction, pulp and


Skin irritation, contact dermatitis, Wood-Pulp Workers’ Disease (mould in bark), rhinitis, and asthma


Europe, North America

Plywood, matches, toys, pulp and paper

Contact dermatitis (with sawdust contact), rhinitis


South America, Asia

Decorative veneer, furniture, cabinets instruments

Eczema, allergic contact dermatitis


Europe, North America

Interior and exterior construction, furniture, pulp and paper

Skin irritation, Wood-Pulp Workers’ Disease (mould spores in bark), decrease in lung function


Asia, Africa, West Indies

Ship building, interior fittings and mouldings,

furniture, flooring

Toxic, dermatitis, sensitizer

Walnut (black)

Europe, US

Veneer, cabinet making, furniture, decorative paneling, gun stocks

Skin irritation, rhinitis, possible asthma


Europe, Asia, North Africa

Carving, veneer, cabinet making

Irritation of skin, dermatitis, toxic

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