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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Spa to My Location in the U.S.?
Freight cost will be calculated at the time of purchase for shipment anywhere in the continental U.S.A.
Contact us at 
info@hottubseconds.com for shipping quote or details.

We also ship to parts of Canada including the GTA, Southern Ontario, parts of Quebec, regions of southern Manitoba, southern Saskatchewan, parts of Alberta and some regions of British Columbia.  To confirm shipping cost to Canada for your area or to other locations, contact us for a shipping quote prior to ordering.

What is a Factory Second Hot Tub Spa? Is That the Same as a Used Spa?
Factory second spas are brand new hot tubs with blemishes that may vary from scratches on the acrylic surface to dents or scratches in the PVC cabinet.  Factory second hot tubs are fully functioning spas with brand new components that have become a scratch and dent spa because they were on display in a showroom, mishandled in the production or warehousing process or were damaged during an attempted delivery.  Sometimes customers may accept a discount if they receive a damaged spa, but other times everyone on HotTubSeconds.com gets lucky to save a bundle on a brand new spa.

Our listings change often, so if you are interested in a current listing, email or call for further information or to reserve. Once a unit has been sold, then it is gone. There is no second unit as Hot Tub Seconds are individual cases of scratch and dent spas currently available from the warehouse.

Is There Any Guarantee With Factory Second Spas?
Factory seconds are sold and delivered directly from the factory, so you receive full factory warranty on the spa electronics and components.  Rest easy that your spa will work just like a new spa, or you are covered under the original manufacturers warranty from the date you take delivery.

Can I Choose What Color I Want?
No. The color the spa was made in is the color it is available in.  There is only 1 factory second spa per listing. Once it is sold, it is no longer available.  You may order a new version of the spa (for more money) or you may enter your email on our home page to be notified when new factory seconds become available, perhaps in the color you would prefer.

If time is on your side, just enter your email address and get regular notifications as we offer new units at deeply discounted prices.   If you need one right away, see our current listings.

Are These Units Tested?
The units are actually tested at least twice.  Once when they came off of the assembly line, and the second time after they have been repaired or reconditioned in order to assure proper operation prior to shipping.

What Material are the Spas Made Of?
Hot tubs listed on HotTubSeconds.com come with a complete description including the type of materials used to build the spa. Most quality spas offered here are made of Lucite ABS-Acrylic, the thickest quality hot tub acrylic type available.

The most popular colors are blue and white, but other colors are also available.  See our current inventory for scratch and dent spas that will save you money.

How Do I Hook Up The Hot Tub?
There are 2 types of hot tub hookups in the U.S. : plug and play 120v and electrician wired 230v.

Plug and Play Hot Tubs

These hot tubs come with a GFCI power cord, so you just plug them into a dedicated 120v power outlet (dedicated means you are not trying to run the fridge or an air conditioning unit or other power consuming device on the same line as your breaker is probably either 15 or 20 amps).  Just fill with water, plug provided GFCI cord into power outlet and enjoy your spa.

Hard Wired 230V Hot Tub

A hard wired spa usually requires the services of a qualified electrician to run the proper gauge (thickness) wire from the electrical panel with 230v breaker (usually 50 or 60 amp breaker) to a disconnect/GFCI and then to the spa.  A 230 volt spa will be able to heat better because the heater can operate at 230 volts.  Most heaters in this category will be 4kw whereas heaters on plug and play spas may only be 1kw.  Plus the heater can work even when the spa is in use, but on a plug and play type, the heater will shut off if the pump is turned on.

Convenience vs. Utility. Sometimes a plug and play spa will work just fine outdoors in cooler climates.  If you place more demand on the spa, then even if you have a Plug and Play spa, you may be able to convert it to 230v operation and enjoy a 4kw heater that heats even while the spa is in use.  Note: Most QCA Spas plug and play 120v models are CONVERTIBLE which means if you later decide to hard-wire it, your electrician only needs to move a wire and flip a switch on the existing plug and play circuit board to transform the built in heater from 1kw to 4kw, without needing to replace the spa pack, electronics or heater.  This is comforting when purchasing a plug and play 120v spa and leaves the option open to convert it to 230v operation down the road if desired.

See manual for instructions on hooking up the spa.

How Long Will It Take to Get The Spa?
Once you place your order, if you were first to order a particular unit, your spa will ship within 72 hours to your U.S. address via common carrier.  Shipping usually takes 3-5 days depending on where you are located.  The units will be shipped directly from the factory in DeWitt, Iowa.

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